Weave the People

Inspiring Community Owned Community

Plug into Community Support!

Are you interested in, trying to, or have already started a community and are looking for extra support or camaraderie in the process?

Weave the People is dedicated to supporting community-owned communities in the greater WNC area. Tell us a little more about yourself and your community, and we’ll help get you plugged into the resources, communities and know-how you need!

If you answer no, please skip the questions which are not relevant.

For instance, do you have a legal entity, who owns it, how do you make decisions, etc.

If so, we’ll reach out to schedule. It’s free, though gifts/a meal/tea is welcomed 🙂

This is not necessarily a requirement. We have free resources and a community to share with, as well as some generous support from Dr. Bronner’s for this work which will enable us to take on more some pro-bono clients as well.